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Back Story: Resolved - Bar Members Plan for 2011

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Bar members were invited to let Nevada Lawyer know which leaves they would be turning over in 2011. Here are some of your collegues’ new year’s resolutions.
Work & Professional Growth
“Complete more units of CLE earlier in the year and, where possible, ensure that at least some of those units are in topic areas that teach me a little something about an area of the law in which I do not ordinarily practice.” “Work to promote professionalism and a culture of respect within and outside of my firm.” “Be more proactive about business development.” “Make a YouTube video on my area of specialization.”
Personal Growth
“Make a donation to an organization which provides free or reduced-cost legal services to persons in need.” “Spend more quality time with family.” “Be more patient with myself, my children, my partner and my community.” “Not be so greedy.” “Work at having a better work/life balance.” “Spend more time writing.”
“Remember that my business serves my life, not the other way around.”
“Read more.” “Learn to say no and to say it often…in the most diplomatic way possible.” “Stay OUT of constant contact with colleagues, friends and strangers on facebook, twitter and e-mail, and focus on things that really matter!” “Have fewer e-mail and more telephone conversations. Have fewer telephone and more face-to-face conversations. Develop meaningful interactions rather than merely efficient ones.” “Relax and enjoy life.”
“Ninety percent of my profits come from the best 10 percent of my clients; treat them well.”
“Remain focused in my practice, centered on my core competencies and not feel obligated to take in every opportunity that knocks on the door.” “Attend more continuing legal education programs to broaden my knowledge-base.” “Be more patient with others I work with and meet.” “Improve my research and writing skills.” “Be nicer to staff!” 46 Nevada Lawyer January 2011
Getting Organized
“Move some of my old paper files to storage or scan them and toss the paper.” “Finish the book ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen and then – get (more) things done.” “Be more organized.”
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