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Issue Editor's Column: Lisa Lackland

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A Note From the Issue Editor
This issue focuses on legal issues relating to social media. Some of you may be thinking, “I don’t need to read any of this because I’m not into this techy Internet stuff. I don’t do Facebook or LinkedIn, and I certainly don’t care about Twitter, or tweeting, whatever that is.” Attention: If you think social media is a waste of time and isn’t relevant to your practice, you really need to read this issue. Whether you like it or not, social media is here to stay. Social media has touched most people’s personal and professional lives, lawyers included – so much so that the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct now require a lawyer to “keep abreast” of “relevant technology” as a matter of core competence ( 06/2012am105c/). This is because social media is such a prevalent form of communication that any lawyer should understand social media in order to communicate with clients and for the lawyer’s own communication and marketing purposes. Those who counsel businesses, practice employment law and have employees (or are employees themselves) need to be cognizant of social media implications on Constitutional and employment law issues. Finally, anyone who has a trial practice, criminal or civil, should be aware of evidence related to social media and the potential pitfalls of the use of social media during a trial. In short, social media affects nearly every lawyer’s life, in some way. This issue features articles and a CLE quiz on these timely and important issues. Justice Cherry also comments on how technology has touched the Supreme Court. This is information you need. Even if you don’t think you care about technology and social media, you should. Your employees, clients, adversaries and jurors do. I hope you enjoy this issue. Happy Falling Back, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving to all.
LISA LACKLAND is a partner in Lewis and Roca’s Litigation Practice Group. Her practice focuses on complex commercial and product liability. In 2011, she was selected as a recipient of the In Business Las Vegas “Forty Under 40” Award, an honor recognizing the 40 most accomplished, influential and civic-minded young business and community leaders in Southern Nevada.
November 2012
Nevada Lawyer

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