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Issue Editor's Note: Scott G. Wasserman

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A Note From the Issue Editor
The 76th Session of the Nevada Legislature began on February 7, 2011, at 11:01 a.m. and adjourned sine die on June 7, 2011, at 1:20 a.m. While the main subject of the reports from the 2011 legislative session focused on the biennial budget, the Nevada Legislature considered 1,318 bill draft requests. Of those bill draft requests, 1,153 pieces of legislation were introduced (582 Assembly Bills, 506 Senate Bills and 65 resolutions). Of these, 532 of the Assembly and Senate Bills were enacted into law, and 48 of the Resolutions were approved by the Legislature and delivered to the Secretary of State. The October issue of Nevada Lawyer focuses attention on the new laws that, unless otherwise stated in the bills, became effective on October 1. The main feature article in this issue is the Summary of Selected 2011 Legislation relating to Courts, Judicial Procedure and Criminal Justice (compiled by the issue editor, Scott Wasserman). Also in this issue is a feature story on Assembly Bill No. 273, which amended the statutory framework for deficiency actions following foreclosures of deeds of trusts on real property, authored by Tracy M. O’Steen and Brandon P Johansson. . The other main topic of this issue is pro bono and community work. In the President’s column, bar president Connie Akridge urges the members of the bar to make pro bono part of the fabric of your life. Dean White’s column addresses the role of William S. Boyd School of Law’s role in developing professionals who are aware of and committed to providing pro bono service. Paola Armeni, Young Lawyers Chair, encourages your participation on one of the many YLS community programs. Finally, please take the time to peruse the pro bono Honor Roll on page 38 and congratulate your colleague and/or friend whose name appears on the Honor Roll. In this issue, we also congratulate and welcome newly appointed U.S. Magistrate Judges William G. Cobb, Carl W. Hoffman, Jr., and Cam Ferenbach. The Editorial Board hopes you will find the feature articles in the October issue interesting and informative, in addition to the regular columns, News and Notes, the CLE Calendar, the Bar Counsel Report and the Back Story, authored this month by Paul Georgeson, focusing on Amendments to the Federal Court Local Rules.
Nevada Lawyer
October 2011
Scott G. WaSSerman’S bio can be found on page 20.
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