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Members who have Served in the U.S. Armed Forces

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State Bar of Nevada its Members Who Have Served in the
U.S. Armed Forces
WWII Veteran Donald Ross (who contributed many of the vintage photos for this feature), with his squadron in England.
Nevada Air National Guard
W. Scott Cameron
Nevada Lawyer offers its sincere thanks to those state Bar of Nevada members who have served and/or continue to serve in the U.s. armed forces. over the past months, utilizing both the magazine and the bar’s e-newsletter, we put out a call for the names of those individuals. those who responded have been included in the list below. Many of our members have served in more than one branch of the service or in the reserves; however, due to space constraints, we have included each name only once. to those of you who served but did not send in your names, we also extend our appreciation for your service to our nation. Thanks to our bar members pictured for submitting photos for this special feature.
30 Nevada Lawyer November 2012
U.S. Air Force
William A. Brannon (JAG) Michael A. Cherry Aubrey Goldberg Mark H. Gunderson Daniel Hussey Robert C. LePome Christopher Mathews (JAG) Carlos McDade (JAG) Thomas Mirczak (JAG) Michael J. Morrison John M. Naylor (JAG) Raymond Rodriguez Herbert J. Santos, Sr. (JAG) Joseph Mark Shockley
Bart Schouweiler (JAG) Herbert R. (Dick) Schulze (JAG) Ann (Giansiracusa) Seward (JAG) Tom Stark (JAG) Christopher T. Stein (JAG) Robert E. Sullivan (JAG) C. Coe Swobe Robert Zentz
U.S. Air Force, Nevada Air National Guard
Edward S. Coleman John C. Courtney Louis M. DiDonato Craig W. Drummond (JAG) Richard D. Edwards Gus W. Flangas Charles L. Geisendorf Virgil R. Gentner Henry R. Gordon (JAG) John M. Hanford III (JAG) David A. Hardy Thomas B. Hart
W. Scott Cameron Edward O. Cousineau (JAG) Thomas F. Riley
U.S. Air Force Reserve
U.S. Army National Guard
Scott F. Katherman (JAG) Kevin A. Hedden Norman Y. Herring Norman T. Hilbrecht (JAG) David R. Jacks, Jr. Robert J. Johnston Jack I. McAuliffe Harrold J. McCracken (JAG) Caroline C. Morales Fred Olmstead David Ortiz Richard J. Pocker Wayne H. Price (JAG) Donald H. Ross Larry Sage David F. Sarnowski James Spoo David G. Stankow (JAG)
Michael J. Kramer (JAG)
U.S. Coast Guard
Theodore J. Schroeder
U.S. Army
Jonathan Andrews Thomas D. Beatty James W. Bradshaw Bruce Brown Richard H. Bryan Thomas M. Burns Bill Byrd Jack Cherry William Cobb Malachy T. Coghlan (JAG)
Harrold McCracken
Caroline Morales
Ma lac hy Co ghl an
Ross in 1943, outside the underground operations bunker at Debden, Essex, UK.
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November 2012
Nevada Lawyer 31
Ross flew Spitfires for the Royal Air Force during WWII. In 1942, he transferred to the United States Army Air Core as a second Lieutenant.
State Bar of Nevada Honors its Members Who Have Served in the U.S. Armed Forces
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U.S. Marine Corp
Tim Gabrielsen Earl M. Hill Steven D. King Steven D. McMorris Jonathan B. Owens William G. Rogers Michael M. Miles Gregory E. Smith Robert Damon Spitzer
U.S. Navy Reserves
Matthew S. Gabe
U.S. Marine Corp Reserves
Larry Digesti Trevor J. Hatfield Samuel Kern Richard W. Young (JAG)
U.S. Navy
Walter Ayers John Roger Bissett James R. Brooke Orrin J. H. Johnson Jonathan G. Lattie Adam P. Laxalt (JAG) George W. McFetridge, Jr.
Michael Miles
Nevada Lawyer
November 2012

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