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The Nevada Law Journal: Reaching the Bar

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Members of the 2001 Nevada Law Journal editorial board at the annual banquet.
When you hear the term “law review,” what thoughts come to mind? The more cynical among you might remember endless source collecting, citation checking and Bluebook minutia. Those who remember it more fondly may recall the prestige of belonging to a hard-working and dedicated team of future lawyers, the opportunity to be published in a major academic journal and the friendships developed over long hours of research and working in an office or library. The Nevada Law Journal at UNLV’s William S. Boyd School of Law is everything classically associated with a typical law review and so much more, thanks to prior years’ editorial boards, and our current editorial board, led by editorin-chief, Tim Mott.
24 Nevada Lawyer September 2011
While the editorial board remains principally devoted to publishing a high-quality and academically significant scholarly journal, the journal staff has renewed its focus on how to better serve the legal community in Nevada. The principle area in which the journal assists attorneys is through our Nevada Supreme Court summaries. Journal staff reads, analyzes and summarizes every Nevada Supreme Court Advance Opinion within three days of its release. The summaries are then edited by the journal’s Nevada law editors and posted to the journal’s website. Each summary the journal publishes contains concise, accurate descriptions of the procedural posture of the case, a breakdown of the decision and a categorical description of the primary area of law addressed by the case. The analysis of each holding is edited for maximum concision while still preserving citation to relevant authority where necessary. The summaries are a valuable resource for practitioners desiring to keep abreast of recent Supreme Court decisions. The journal’s goal of enhanced communication and cooperation with Nevada’s legal community was the principle motivator behind the launch of our new and improved website, located at www.nevadalawjournal. org. In addition to providing information regarding article submissions and journal subscriptions, the website provides direct access to our summaries. The summaries are edited and posted on the journal’s website no later
than the Tuesday following the opinion’s release. The summaries can be searched alphabetically by case name or by keywords relevant to the case material (i.e. promissory estoppel, detrimental reliance, respondeat superior, etc.). The summaries are sortable alphabetically by case name or by case subject matter. Archived summaries from prior years are also available on the site. Our summaries are useful to Nevada practitioners because they provide a valuable and reliable resource from which to obtain concise and thorough analyses of Supreme Court of Nevada decisions that may affect their practices. In an effort to make the summaries more readily available to practitioners, the journal is compiling a mailing list for weekly e-mail updates on recently released Supreme Court opinions. If you would like to receive these e-mail notifications, or if you have any other questions related to the Nevada Law Journal, please contact Nevada law editor Nechole Garcia at or Nevada law editor Justin Shiroff at j.shiroff_NLE@ Our mission as Nevada law editors for the journal is to make it the best resource for Nevada lawyers wanting to stay informed on Supreme Court decisions. We welcome your feedback and any ideas you may have regarding the addition of new services or ways we can improve those that we are already providing.
JuStin ShiRoff is a J.D. candidate in the Boyd School of Law’s class of 2012. He is a Nevada law editor for the Nevada Law Journal as well as vice president of the Health Law Society at Boyd. His student note discussing medical malpractice in Nevada is slated for publication in the Nevada Law Journal in December 2011.
Pets can be more than just furry companions; their presences in our lives go a long way toward keeping us sane and calm in a dog-eat-dog world of looming deadlines, never-ending phone calls, catty coworkers and towering stacks of paperwork. December’s Nevada Lawyer wants to give you an opportunity to publicly thank your four legged (or eight-legged, no-legged, finned, or amphibious) friends for doing what they do to make your life in the law just a little less ruff. Send us your story at and tell us what your non-human friend has done for you during your law career which made it that much easier to keep pressing on with dogged determination. Submissions should be no more than 500 words in length. High res, electronic pictures of your pets are appreciated, as are photos of their owners, and can be sent to the same address. submission deadline is october 14, 2011. Submissions will be subject to staff editing and will appear in the December issue of Nevada Lawyer; the theme of that issue is Animal Law.
nechole GaRcia is entering her final year of study at William S. Boyd School of Law. In addition to being a Nevada law editor for the Nevada Law Journal, she is ranked in the top 7 percent of her class and is employed as a Legal Assistant at the City of Henderson.
Help us make the animal law issue of NVl more purrrrr-fect
September 2011
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