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Note from the Issue Editor: Gregory R. Shannon, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
By Gregory R. Shannon
“I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords.”
– Mark Twain, of course, on first viewing one of Nevada’s greatest natural resources, Lake Tahoe.
But another image comes to my mind of the lake. Twain, a few days after making the observation which inspired the famous quote above, accidentally started a forest fire that swept across the mountainside, consuming manzanita and yellow pine until “…as far as the eye could reach the lofty mountain-fronts were webbed as it were with a tangled network of red lava streams.” Oops. Twain’s adventures and misadventures at the lake and in Virginia City remind us of Nevada’s unusual allocation of natural resources. We have substantial mineral wealth but a shortage of many other natural resources, including timber and, most significantly, water. All Nevada’s natural resources, plentiful or puny, are subject to competing interests, raising difficult political and legal issues. This month’s issue of Nevada Lawyer features articles designed to guide us through the potential minefields of natural resources law. Linda Bullen starts us off with a discussion of NEPA EIS considerations applicable to large-scale renewable energy projects, a hot topic in current Nevada law. Another hot topic is the interbasin transfer of water. Laura A. Schroeder and Kendall A. Woodcock explore the unsettled state of the law concerning interbasin transfers under the Clean Water Act. Douglas A. Cannon and Brian H. Schusterman provide some practical tips for obtaining and perfecting water rights. And be sure to check out Lara Pearson’s history of the FTC’s Green Guides. Take the quiz for one hour of CLE credit. Happy new year from Nevada Lawyer.
GreGory r. Shannon is a former chief deputy district attorney for the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office and current member of the Editorial Board of the State Bar of Nevada. He may be reached at
January 2011
Nevada Lawyer
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