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Note from the Issue Editor: Gregory R. Shannon, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
By Gregory R. Shannon, Esq.
It’s October, the time of year when our thoughts turn to shorter days, cooler temperatures, Halloween and the law of evidence. Well, that’s what I’ve been thinking about. The theme of this month’s issue of Nevada Lawyer is evidence, in support of which we submit for your consideration four feature stories touching on several diverse aspects of this topic. We begin with a review of the Nevada Supreme Court’s most recent decisions addressing current evidentiary issues. Next, Professor Jeffrey W. Stempel examines the Nevada Supreme Court’s most recent opinion on the introduction of expert witness evidence and the court’s continuing rejection of the federal Daubert approach. James “Brin” Gibson, Jr. and Ketan Bhirud, who, last month, gave us an informative article on law firm legal compensation models, offer a timely and practical primer on admitting web pages into evidence. Keep it up, guys. Finally, William C. Turner draws on his extensive experience as an arbitrator and mediator to present an overview of the use of evidence in arbitrations. In addition to these articles, we provide the results of an in-depth demographic data analysis of state bar membership, hot off the presses from the Board of Governors. And finally, in this Halloween season, don’t overlook Scott McKenna’s spooky Back Story about a most unusual lawsuit – against Satan. Now, I think I’ll put my feet up, enjoy a cup of hot cider and read the FRE.
[Gregory R. Shannon’s Biography can be found on page 9.]
October 2010
Nevada Lawyer

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