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Note from the Issue Editor: Stephen F. Smith, Esq.

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A Note From the Issue Editor
In the 1995 movie “Casino,” there is a memorable scene about a fictional administrative hearing before the Nevada Gaming Commission. The movie portrays the commission as summarily denying a gaming license to Sam Rothstein, a character played by actor Robert DeNiro. Oscar Goodman, playing himself, accompanies DeNiro’s character to the sham hearing. The fictional character Sam Rothstein is based upon Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal, who was actually investigated and denied a Nevada gaming license. So much of administrative law touches the lives of so many people. Obtaining a driver’s license, business license, professional or occupational license all involves the administrative process and administrative law. Thus, it is fitting that Administrative Law is this month’s theme for Nevada Lawyer. Legal scholars have claimed that administrative law comprises the largest body or section of the law when one considers all the regulations and rules concerning the regulatory process. The issue is jam packed with articles. Attorney Alicia Ashcraft has provided a concise outline and discussion regarding Nevada’s Administrative Procedure Act. Nevada Lawyer extends a special thanks to Ms. Ashcraft for her efforts, along with the Administrative Law Section of the State Bar of Nevada, who helped put this issue together. Terry Rankin, a former appeals officer and insurance commissioner, provides some practical tips on writing a proposed decision for the hearing officer. Then, there is a point/counterpoint on whether Nevada should have a central panel, authored by Terry Rankin and Louis Ling. Hal Taylor and Louis Ling jointly authored an article on handling an occupational licensing case. Jeffrey Barr has written an article on appealing municipal decisions. Attorney Matthew Dushoff takes readers through the handling of their first administrative cases. Finally, authors William McKean and Rich Cunningham discuss sales and use taxes. The July 2011 issue will certainly be one you will want to keep in your library as a handy reference guide.
Stephen F. Smith has been a member of the Nevada bar since 1991 and serves on the Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board.
Nevada Lawyer
July 2011
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