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Young Lawyers Column: Young Lawyers Ask You to Get Involved!

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“What is important to note is that not all law-related education and community service work takes an abundance of time.”
Young Lawyers
BY PAOLA ARMENI, Young Lawyers Chair
The Young Lawyers Section takes great pride in being actively involved in the community. Its members have established a variety of programs, from law-related education to community service. As lawyers our time is often limited and, therefore, public service often falls to the bottom of the priority list. What is important to note is that not all law-related education and community service work takes an abundance of time. The purpose of this article is to provide some insight into various YLS programs and hopefully encourage participation in even one of the many programs the section organizes. then sworn in as jurors and get to make the final determination as to Goldilocks’ guilt or innocence. The presentation takes place at the requesting elementary school and lasts approximately one hour.
The Goldilocks program provides third-and fourth-grade students with an opportunity to learn about the judicial system first hand. Volunteer lawyers present a video to participating classes; the video is a dramatization of Goldilocks’ trial for breaking and entering (entering the house of the three bears without permission), theft (eating baby bear’s soup) and destruction of property (breaking baby bear’s chair). The children are
This is YLS’s newest program. Wills for Heroes was the 2007-2008 ABA Young Lawyers Division Service Project. It has been implemented in several states for years and, this month, YLS is proud to announce that Nevada will be added to that list of states. This program provides basic estate planning services to emergency first responders, free of charge. Generally, emergency first responders complete an estate planning questionnaire prior to arriving at a Wills for Heroes event. Once on site, participants are assigned to a volunteer attorney (licensed in that state) who examines the questionnaire and enters the information into a laptop preloaded with the appropriate software. The result is a basic will, formally signed and finalized by a notary before the participant leaves the site. This program will take place every September/October.
Wills For Heroes
Nevada Lawyer
October 2011
Holiday Toy Drive
Every year around late November and early December, YLS collects unwrapped new toys for their annual holiday toy drive. The toys are distributed to several nonprofit organizations that pass them on to underprivileged children in our community. Lawyers can participate in this program by volunteering their offices as drop-off sites, or by donating toys or money that will be used to purchase toys.
Law Suits Clothing Drive
Members of the legal community are called upon to donate suits or business attire that is no longer wanted or needed. The clothing goes to a charitable organization. This program has traditionally taken place in October, but this year it will happen in March. Similar to the holiday toy drive, the legal community can participate by volunteering their offices as drop off sites or by donating unwanted suits or business attire.
Poster and Essay Contest
The Judge Roger Foley Essay and Poster Contest takes place every year, in May, in conjunction with Law Day. Students from elementary school through high school participate in this program by creating posters and/or writing essays on the annual ABA Law Day topic. The 2012 Law Day theme will be “No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom.” Lawyers can assist by taking just an hour out of their day in order to help judge the contest. Volunteers can also assist in the contest’s award presentation, traditionally held at the United States District Court Courthouse. Hopefully this article has piqued your interest in one or more of the many YLS programs which serve this community. If you are interested in participating in any of the above programs or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (702) 796-5555 or parmeni@
October 2011
Nevada Lawyer
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