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Young Lawyers: A Different Kind of "Common-Interest Community"

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Nevada Lawyer Magazine
“As a young lawyer, one might ask, ‘What is the YLS and what can it do for me?’”
Young Lawyers
BY RYAN J. WORKS, Young Lawyers Chair
For starters, and by way of introduction, I am the newly appointed chair of the Young Lawyers Section (YLS) of the State Bar of Nevada, and this is my first article for Nevada Lawyer. Thinking back, I cannot recall the last document I authored that was not a pleading, motion or some variation of legal memoranda, but here it goes… As the chair of the YLS, I have certain goals that I hope to accomplish over the course of my 12-month tenure; they start with increasing our section’s active membership. As a young lawyer, one might ask, “What is the YLS and what can it do for me?” In an attempt to answer those questions, I thought I would steal from this month’s editorial calendar topic and analogize the Young Lawyers Section to a Common-Interest Community (CIC). Although I have little experience with representing CICs, I own a home in a CIC and pay my monthly assessments to the management company providing services to the CIC. As a young lawyer, I belong to a different kind of CIC and now manage the YLS. Assuming you didn’t uncheck the box when paying your annual dues, you too belong to this CIC if you are 36 years of age or younger or have been a licensed Nevada attorney for less than five years. Some of the different common interests that are prevalent in this community include: • Networking with a goal toward developing meaningful professional relationships and increasing valuable business contacts in the community; Acquiring a depth of legal knowledge and sharpening our practice tools to enable us to market and sell our services to others; Giving back to the community by donating our time and services to a variety of charities, schools and non-profit organizations; and Producing future leaders of the larger community – the State Bar of Nevada. Legal Education (CLE) programs, social events and leadership activities. This year, on the weekend of June 24, 2010, the YLS kicked off its first-ever trial academy at the State Bar of Nevada Annual Meeting in Monterey, Calif.. This Nevada-driven CLE program was taught by some of our finest judges and attorneys. The purpose of this program was twofold: to provide a comprehensive CLE program dedicated to trial practice in Nevada, and to drive participation up at the Annual Meeting (a great place to network with Nevada judges, lawyers and other legal professionals). The YLS is also highly active in the American Bar Association (ABA) Young Lawyers Division. Throughout the year, we send Nevada lawyerdelegates to the ABA Annual Meeting, the ABA midyear meeting and a variety of other ABA-sponsored events throughout the country. Again, excellent CLE and networking opportunities are bountiful at these nationwide events where many of our future leaders gather. Finally, the YLS has traditionally sponsored community service-oriented programs such as “Goldilocks – Trial of the Century,” the “Roger D. Foley Poster and Essay Contest,” “Lawsuits Day” and “Coming of Age.” These programs are in addition to those that the YLS actively participate in, such as the KLUC Toy Drive and Coats for Kids. In addition to increasing our active membership, I am also interested in making this community stronger and a more valuable resource for young lawyers. If you are already a member, as I hope, and you have an idea or program that you would like to bring us, or if you have an interest in any of our many activities, please contact us at > Sections > Young Lawyers Section. If you are not a member but would like to be, please join us. Unlike your chapter 116 CIC, the YLS is only $25 annually…and we won’t fine you.
Ryan J. WoRKs is the Chair of the YLS and an associate with McDonald Carano Wilson LLP .
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To promote the above common interests, the YLS has developed an agenda that is largely comprised of community service-oriented projects, Continuing
Nevada Lawyer
July 2010

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