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Young Lawyers: Law-Related Community Service - "Calling All Volunteers"

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Nevada Lawyer Magazine
“An excellent way to generate new business as a young attorney is to develop meaningful relationships with other lawyers.”
Young Lawyers
BY RYAN J. WORKS, Young Lawyers Chair
With school back in session and lawyers back in town, the Young Lawyers Section is beginning its community service programming at local schools and courts throughout the Silver State. In addition, the YLS has other programs that give back to our wonderful communities. Now, more than ever, we are in need of your time and effort. The following are the highlights of the events we plan and organize each year. about their own choices. This program has grown so tremendously in recent years that we have been forced to turn down requests from schools wanting to participate; so, we need your help!
Goldilocks – “Trial of the Century”
This longstanding, and much anticipated, program runs throughout the school year. “Goldilocks” is targeted to fourth-grade students attending our local elementary schools; its objective is to enhance the students’ understanding of the American justice system. YLS volunteers show the students a video of Goldilocks, who is on trial for breaking and entering, theft and destruction of the three bears’ property. At the end of the video, the students are given time to deliberate as jurors and to fill out their jury instruction sheets, which will determine the fate of Goldilocks. The administrators, teachers and kids all love the program, as it exposes the students to the law, teaches them about their civic duty and, at times, has even made some kids think twice 36 Nevada Lawyer October 2010
At the beginning of this month, the YLS will begin its quest to donate large quantities of “gently used” business attire to charitable organizations in Nevada; these items will go to folks in need of good work/interview attire. On the fourth Saturday (October, 23) (“Make a Difference Day”) our board will gather up all of the donations made at various locations throughout the state and travel to the designated charitable organizations, which will then distribute our lawyerly garb to those in need. Please hang on to your most recent lawsuit (or dress) and allow someone else to look good in it all over again.
Lawsuits Day – “Make a Difference Day”
Coming of Age – “Making the Law Work for Everyone”
Every year, Nevada schools and courts solicit and receive several “Coming of Age” pamphlets, intended to provide information to “at-risk” youth, emancipated kids and 18-year-olds. The pamphlets educate Nevada’s youth on their legal
rights and responsibilities. Topics include: voting, jury duty, military service, driving, alcohol consumption and DUI law, criminal law, contract law, consumer credit, real property leases, employment law and domestic relations, among others. The YLS reviews and revises the pamphlets after each regular session of the Nevada State Legislature and distributes them twice annually to schools and courts. If you are interested in this program, or know of persons or schools that could benefit from this knowledge, please contact us.
During Law Month in Nevada (“Law Day” elsewhere) the YLS organizes and hosts a poster and essay contest, dedicated to teaching Nevada students about the law and the courts. Each year, a law-related topic is selected and distributed to the schools; the students are then given an opportunity to create a poster or to write an essay on the subject. Recent, diverse topics have included “Abraham Lincoln” and “Cyber-bullying.” This year’s topic will be announced soon. The tremendous participation in this event has reached record numbers in recent years and we need help from the legal community in both judging submissions and in guiding the students through tours of our federal courthouses in Las Vegas and Reno. In addition to providing lawrelated education to our members and establishing a support group and social network of young lawyers, we also proudly dedicate ourselves to the communities in which we live by donating our time and resources to educating Nevada’s youth on all aspects of the American justice systems. Please join us and make a difference.
Roger D. Foley Poster and Essay Contest – “Law Month”
RYAN J. WORKS is the Chair of the YLS and an attorney practicing with McDonald Carano Wilson LLP .
October 2010
Nevada Lawyer

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