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File a Complaint Online

The State Bar of Nevada's Office of Bar Counsel investigates allegations of professional misconduct, pursuant to the Rules of Professional Conduct. The entire process may take up to six months. To file a complaint, please complete all fields in this form to the best of your ability. Failure to do so may result in delay. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*). 

Submission of Additional Information

If you have additional information to submit to the State Bar Office of Bar Counsel, you may attach them in PDF using the function at the bottom of this form. The Office of Bar Counsel may require you to resubmit large files or files that cannot be opened via US mail.

Attestation of Statements

By clicking on the Submit button below, you are attesting that all statements made are true to the best of your knowledge.

Online Complaint Form

Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible. If any spaces do not apply to your case, write N/A (Not Applicable). If you do not know an answer, please state "Unknown." Failure to provide requested information may result in a delay to investigate your claim.

If you wish to complain about more than one attorney, please submit a separate complaint for each attorney.

Your Information
Attorney Information
Previous Contact with the State Bar of Nevada
Hiring the Attorney
If you answered yes:
If you answered no:
If your case is related to a court case or other proceeding, please provide the following information:
(For example: Smith v. Jones, Case Number 1234, Eighth Judicial District Court)
Explanation of Grievance

In order for us to better understand and investigate your claim, please provide specific information regarding your grievance. In the space above, please provide in narrative form a comprehensive and detailed description of the persons and events involved in the conduct which you believe constitutes a breach of professional ethics. In essence, please provide us a story about what occurred in the legal matter underlying your complaint.

It is not necessary for you to cite specific Rules of Professional Conduct. However, it is very important that a complete and thorough explanation of events and dates be provided. There is no limit to the amount of spaces that can, and should, be utilized.

Written Materials

Please provide, if applicable, the following materials to the State Bar of Nevada:

  • A copy of any written fee agreement with the attorney. If there was no written agreement, please explain your understanding regarding payment to your attorney in your explanation of grievance.
  • Copies of the front and back sides of all canceled checks and/or copies of receipts showing payments made by you to the attorney.
  • Copies of any pertinent court documents, particularly pleadings and judicial orders, in your possession.
  • Copies of all correspondence between you and the attorney.

You may upload these documents using the Related File feature below. If you are unable to uploaded scanned documents, you may mail copies to the State Bar. Please be advised that all documents provided, whether originals or copies, shall become the property of the State Bar of Nevada and therefore, are subject to future destruction pursuant to Nevada Supreme Court Rules.

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