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2012 Chief Justice Awards Presented

2012 Chief Justice Award Presented

Nancy Oesterle, a retired justice of the peace, and John McGroarty, a retired district court judge, were presented with 2012 Chief Justice Awards on Monday, December 3. The awards presentation took place at the Las Vegas Supreme Court Courtroom and was attended by all seven Nevada justices.
“We tend to do our work outside of the public eye. Judges don’t attract as much attention as elected officials and consequently don’t get as much recognition,” Cherry said.
The first award was presented to retired District Court Judge John McGroarty, who helped establish the mental health court system. McGroarty was an inspiration and influential figure to judges, justices and attorneys alike.
Former Justice of the Peace Nancy Oesterle was also presented with an award and was recognized for her service on the bench and her commitment to civic programs. Oesterle promoted law related education (LRE) by doing her own courtroom tours and working with other LRE programs.  She also held several positions with the Clark County Bar Association.

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