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LRE: List of Programs

The State Bar of Nevada’s Law Related Education (LRE) endeavor inspires young people to become involved in the law and in politics. Many of our We the People and Mock Trial graduates work for Senators and Congresspeople and potentially run for office. Many of our Mock Trial and Project Citizen graduates choose law and public policy careers.  
A goal of the State Bar of Nevada programs is to introduce young people to the possibility of careers in law and public service. It is hoped that young people will be influenced by our programs to bring a spirit of service to the public arena, as opposed to being motivated merely by money and power. Read more about each of the bar's LRE programs below!  To learn more, you can also visit


Law Day

Law Day, which recognizes historic accomplishments in the legal profession, occurs around  May 1 every year. Annual Law Day programming is promoted by the ABA, and that association designates a new theme for each year’s events, with activities that vary from year to year. In Nevada, Law Day activities and events are led by a Nevada Supreme Court Justice and promoted by the LRE Department, the Clark County School District and Washoe County School District.  The Nevada Supreme Court has been awarded by the ABA  for the success of Law Day Live activities.  The bar's Young Lawyers Section also hosts a poster and essay contest as part of Law Day.

Project Citizen (PC)

Supports students in grades 4 through 9 and challenges them to explore public policy in relation to identified problems in their communities.  Students are asked to prepare presentations describing the issues and present alternative solutions and action plans.  The presentations are entered into competitions in the district, state and national level.  PC includes Representative Democracy in America - a national project designed to reinvigorate and educate Americans on the critical relationship between government and the people it serves.  The project introduces young people, as well as other citizens, to the representatives, institutions and processes that serve to realize the goal of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  PC is a highly interactive and web-based program.  

Project Citizen Summer Training

Project Citizen Summer Training brings teachers of all subjects together for five days of discussion regarding public policy content and pedagogy. The teachers learn from Project Citizen District Coordinators how to encourage their students to discover their own voice in changing laws and policies in their communities and how to interact with policy makers through interviews, surveys, research, critical thinking and writing skills.  All of the LRE programs correlate with the current core standards being used nationwide.  

High School Mock Trial Competition

The State Bar of Nevada coordinates the High School Mock Trial Competition. Teams of six to eight students take on the roles of lawyer and witnesses in a mock trial. Local attorneys and teachers coach the teams for the competition, held at district, state, and national levels.

We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution

The primary goal of We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution is to promote civic competence and responsibility among the nation’s upper elementary and secondary students. The design of the instructional program, including its innovative culminating activity, makes the program successful with both teachers and students.
Watch this great newsclip about We the People in Nevada:
For more information, visit The Center for Civic Education website.  

We the People Summer Institute 

We the People Summer Institute brings elementary, middle and high school teachers from around the state together for a full week of content and pedagogy.  History and government scholars from UNR, UNLV and the Oregon Supreme Court teach content while our We the People teachers who have participated in the national program provide pedagogy and a variety of tips on how to incorporate We the People into class curriculum.  

Goldilocks: Trial of the Century

Presented by the Young Lawyers Section of the state bar, Goldilocks – The Trial of the Century gives fourth graders an introduction to the legal system. Through this program, lawyers visit schools and offer a video presentation of a fictional trial to students along with an explanation of the various elements of a jury trial. At the end, students are asked to act as jury members and decide if Goldilocks is guilty or not guilty.
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