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Collections FAQs

How do I stop collection calls?
The best way to stop collection calls is determined by analyzing your individual situation.  That being said, here is some general guidance.  You can submit, in writing, a request to the debt collector for all collection attempts to cease.  However, this may lead to the creditor filing a lawsuit against you to collect the debt.

If you are contemplating bankruptcy, consult with a bankruptcy attorney.  As soon as your bankruptcy petition is filed and accepted, the court will issue a “stay” which is an order mandating all collection attempts to cease immediately.

However, if you are trying to negotiate your debt, the debt isn’t legitimate, or bankruptcy is not appropriate, consult with a qualified collections attorney who can represent your best interests.

The debt collector says that he’s going to publish my name on a “bad debt” list?  Can he do that?
No, it is against the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act for a debt collector to publish a consumer’s name or address on a “bad debt” list.  However, if at some alter point, you choose to file for bankruptcy, all filings are matters of public record.

Can a debt collector call my boss?
Collection agencies are legally permitted to call neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, and, even, your boss to obtain your location information; they are not permitted to disclose their debt collection attempts.

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