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Corporate Glossary

Annual Report
A corporation creates an annual report for shareholders, typically including financial information as well as a listing of directors and officers.

Articles of Incorporation
Articles of incorporation are filed with the Nevada Secretary of State to form a corporation.  Articles of incorporation are also referred to as the “certificate of incorporation” or the “corporate charter.”  Corporate lawyers draft the articles of incorporation creating a corporation. 

Board of Directors
The board of directors runs the corporation; they are elected by shareholders.  Specifically, the board of directors selects corporate officers, supervises, and, generally, controls the corporation.  Corporate lawyers often advise and sit on boards of directors. 

Equity Financing
Equity financing raises capital by selling shares of corporate stock.  Corporate lawyers often help corporations find capital for start-ups or when an influx of capital is prudent. 

Fictitious Name
A fictitious name is created and may also be referred to as an “assumed name" or “trade name,” and is sometimes labeled as “doing business as” (d/b/a.)  You can search for fictitious name availability on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website or a corporate lawyer can do it for you. 

Hostile Takeover
A hostile takeover occurs when a foreign outside entity purchases enough stock to take over control of the company without the permission of the target corporation’s board of directors.

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