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Nevada Insurance Lawyer

Insurance laws, and insurance law attorneys, work with a myriad of insurances:  life, auto, property and liability, business, disability, health, title, malpractice, workers' compensation and long term care insurances.  Most any type of insurance you can think of fits into one of these, likely, familiar categories. 

Insurance companies, like any other business, follow laws pertaining to their type of business.  There are many laws specific to the insurance industry including ones implemented to address consumer issue and to address the action of insurance company employees, agents and brokers.  Some of these laws are intended to provide balance between insurance companies and the individual consumer.

For example, there are laws pertaining to the sale, content, underwriting, rate and claims payments.  Though highly regulated, mistakes are still sometimes made and, unfortunately, an insurance company may engage in unscrupulous business practices.  Lawyers that represent insurance consumers help identify when a mistake is made and when an insurance company may have taken advantage of a consumer.

Keep in mind, that if your claim has been denied, there should be an appeal process where a lawyer may be very helpful to you, whether they just explain it all to you or represent your interests during the appeal.

Wrongful Acts by Insurance Company

If you feel as though you have not been treated fairly by the insurance company or your claim has been wrongfully denied and you can’t work it out yourself, seek legal consultation from a qualified insurance law attorney.  

Your attorney will examine the facts and advise you on how your situation may be remedied.  Most often lawsuits regarding insurance issues involve breaches of contract.  For example, if your insurance claim is wrongfully denied, the insurance company breached its contractual duty to reimburse you for your legitimate claims.

If the insurance company acted in bad faith (i.e. intentionally didn’t pay a legitimate claim as opposed to making a mistake) then it may be subject to punitive damages, which serve to punish the insurance company and encourage fair business practices.

In addition, regardless if you pursue a problem with your insurance company through a lawyer, you have the right to report abusive practices to the Nevada Department of Insurance.

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