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Natural Resources Glossary

The term, “geology,” refers to the study of the Earth, including its origin, structure, composition, and history.  Geology also includes the study of the nature of the processes which have given rise to the Earth’s present state.

A reservoir is a body of rock, below the surface, which has sufficient density to store liquids such as water.  Typically, the term, “reservoir,” refers to a man-made lake or pond.

Water Table
The water table is the level of water below which the ground is saturated.  If the water table is low, rain is needed; if the water table is high, there has been sufficient rain. 

Toxic Substance
Chemicals or a mixture of chemicals that creates an unreasonable risk of injury to humans or to the environment are toxic substances. 

Potable Water
“Potable water” is water that is safe for humans to drink.

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