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Nevada Real Estate Lawyer

Many people have used a real estate lawyer to buy or sell a home.  Perhaps you’re familiar with some aspects of real estate law such as buying and selling residential and commercial property, title searches, landlord – tenant issues, and, nowadays, foreclosure defense. 

Real estate attorneys also draft deeds, mortgages and contracts; negotiate deals and contracts; analyze offers and finance options; research zoning law issues; handle property management and real estate investing; advance property development; deal with environmental hazards; represent clients in court; and provide legal advice regarding real estate matters.

Real Estate Lawyers Handle Real Property, Not Personal Property

“Real property” is sometimes called “realty.”  Real estate lawyers handle all legal issues regarding “real,” not personal, property.  In other words, real estate lawyers deal with commercial buildings, homes, apartments, condominiums, vacant land and improvements to land.  They do not, typically, handle matters concerning personal property such as art, jewelry, tools, guns, antiques, investment accounts and money.

Foreclosure Defense is Booming

CNN, newspapers and the popular press all run commentary on the depressed housing market, mortgage scams, the general economic crisis and foreclosure defense.  Real estate attorneys are busy dealing with all of these issues, with foreclosure defense at the top of the list.  If you’ve received a notice entitled “Intent to Foreclose;” or you’re otherwise afraid that you’re going to lose your home, be sure to consult with a qualified real estate attorney.  Not all foreclosures are legal; you may be able to delay or stop yours.

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