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New Lawyer TIP Enrollment

New Lawyer TIP Enrollment

All new lawyers admitted to the State Bar of Nevada as of October 2011 or later and those attorneys previously admitted who have not completed Bridge the Gap prior to November 16, 2011 must enroll in Transitioning into Practice (TIP).

New attorneys may select from the bar's list of Supreme Court of Nevada appointed mentors or opt for bar staff to match them with an attorney practicing in a similar area of law. Every attempt will be made to match new lawyers with preferred mentors; however, due to mentor availability, there are no guarantees. The State Bar of Nevada will send confirmation of the mentor-new lawyer match by February 13, 2014 and the TIP spring cycle begins March 3, 2014.

Please complete the form below and click the submit button. The TIP program fee is $350 and is due upon program completion. Fall 2013 participants may remit their $175 completion fee and Spring 2014 participants may remit their program fees at the end of the TIP cycle by clicking here.

If unemployed, please so indicate.

As of October 21, 2011 members must disclose an email address to the State Bar of Nevada.

Please select the option that best describes your current or intended practice. If you are unemployed, you may select a preferred practice setting.

Please select the siza of the office in which you practice or in which you intend to practice.

Please select the areas of practice in which you practice or in which you intend to practice.

Mentors must be approved by the Standing Committtee on Transitioning into Practice and the State Bar of Nevada Board of Governors and are formally appointed by the Nevada Supreme Court. If you would like to be mentored by a specific lawyer not already appointed, please request the lawyer to complete the online Mentor Application Form. For a list of approved mentors, click here.

The State Bar of Nevada cannot guarantee that you will be placed with the mentor of your choice. Please list more than one choice if known.

If you are currently employed by a firm or legal organization that also has an approved mentor, bar staff will attempt to match you internally unless you indicate otherwise.