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The bar members and lay persons who've participated in the various Law Related Education programs offered by the State Bar of Nevada have found the experience to be a rewarding one.  A few participants have even shared their thoughts on how these important civic education programs help educate and empower Nevada’s youth.

Grandfather Praises "We the People"
December 16, 2011
Ms. Kathleen Dickinson
Coordinator “We the People”
State Bar of Nevada
3100 W. Charleston Boulevard
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Dear Ms. Dickinson:
This letter of appreciation is for providing me the schedule for the recent “We the People” District Finals and the opportunity to introduce myself during your busy schedule.  Please thank Charlie Klosowski for his correspondence on this event.
I chose to sit in on the Canyon Springs debates from opening to closing, what an experience.  I now know why my grandson Kyle Werts was so impacted by the work and opportunity to be involved with this program in Bakersfield, CA.  Through this program Kyle has become a model of all that is good and just in the generation he now represents enabling him to become the promising citizen and professional he has grown to be, able to face the challenges ahead for his generation.
My hope and faith is that more citizens in Nevada could be required to attend these District Finals and revisit their responsibilities of Citizenship.
Over the past three months I had many opportunities to ask people if they knew about “We the People” program in their schools, I have found that not one person is aware of the program or the devoted educators involved with its instruction.  
I wish I had known about “We the People” back in 2005 when I was involved with a program offered by my Fraternity to the Clark County schools.
However, I can now be an ambassador for the value of “We the People” to all I interact with.
I am thankful to Jason Jenkins in Bakersfield for providing me the materials and for your contact, which is making a difference in the lives of our young citizens.
A quote from Mr. Jenkins that deserves to be repeated, “I tell my students, you may not go into Politics or Law as a profession, but you will live as Americans and strong Civic mindedness is paramount to being a healthy, involved, motivated and thoughtful citizen.”
This statement should be a standard in every Junior and Senior High school in order to bring America back to the values of our heritage and its guardianship.
One final thought regarding defunding by the Federal Government for the Center for Civic Education, a support by the taxpayers for Public Education is always in order.  However, that support should be at the State Level.  The following opinion could be warranted, equitable, and well justified:
We spend millions in our schools supporting all types of elective sports; these budgets are huge in all School Districts.  “We the People” should be equally funded among all sports deserving of an equitable share.  This would provide the needed monies to maintain this program in every High School in Nevada.
If this sounds biased or without knowledge of Athletics or Band expenses, the following should dispel that thinking:  My son, now 53 years old was a straight “A” Student Athlete in California, an outstanding Football, Basketball and Track athlete at the AAA State level.  He earned a full athletic Scholarship in Football and Basketball to the University of Utah.  In later years became a Regional President of the Nation’s second largest home builder.  In his High School class two other students earned athletic Scholarships one for the University of Colorado, the other for University of California San Diego, all for football no other sports generated scholarships at this High School other than academic.  This is not to say that athletics does not provide many skills that are important to adult life experiences or that band does not offer cultural and employable opportunities, it is the money that it takes to maintain these programs, in light of the words of Mr. Jenkins “you will live as Americans with strong Civic mindedness, being a healthy, involved, motivated and thoughtful citizen.” 
Generating graduates with these values would go a long way toward bringing our Nation out of the difficulties we have today.
My appreciation to you, and the staffs, for their contributions, to make our Nation better and stronger.
Carl L. “Bud” Banks, PGM


State Bar of NV

Our mission is to govern the legal profession, to serve our members, and to protect the public interest.

State Bar of Nevada
3100 W. Charleston Blvd.
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89102
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