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Worker's Comp FAQs

Do I get to choose my own doctor?
Unfortunately, you do not get to choose your own doctor when you’ve been injured on the job; your employer chooses the doctor.  If you feel that you are being released from care too soon or that you need different medical care, a workers' compensation attorney can have you evaluated by a trusted physician.

When I’m injured on the job, will I receive my weekly pay?
Once it is determined that you qualify for workers' compensation, you will receive temporary disability payments which are equivalent to about two-thirds (2/3) of your weekly pay.

Who decides whether I’m permanently disabled?
The doctor, chosen by your employer, will determine whether you are permanently disabled.  The doctor will then assign a percentage of permanent disability for the issues you are facing.  If you disagree with that doctor’s conclusion, a workers' compensation attorney can have you evaluated by a trusted physician.  Once this percentage is set, monetary compensation is usually available, whether as a “lump sum” or under a periodic payment schedule.

What does it mean to be permanently disabled?
An injured worker is permanently disabled if he/she suffers injury which, physically or mentally, prevents him/her from performing his/her normal work and will do so for the rest of his/her life.  In the workers' compensation arena, an injured worker can be partially permanently disabled and that percentage of disability will  determine appropriate compensation.

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