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Worker's Comp Glossary

Apportionment is a method of determining what portion of an individual’s permanent disability was caused by his work related injury and what portion was caused by other disabilities.

Death Benefits
Death benefits are the financial compensation paid to a fatally injured worker’s surviving dependents; thus, workers' compensation serves as a form of life insurance.  The death must have occurred within five years of the work related injury or illness.

Future Medical
“Future medical” refers to the continuing entitlement to medical treatment for a work related injury or illness.

Workers' Compensation Appeals Board
The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) is the administrative judicial entity that hears workers' compensation appeals and resolves disputes.

Scope of Employment
“Scope of employment” refers to any action taken by an employee to further his or her employer’s business as distinguished from personal business.  For example, if Sam is commuting to work but has not yet arrived at work, he is NOT within the scope of employment; however, if Sam is running an errand for his employer, he is within the scope of employment.  Workers' compensation provides financial compensation for workers injured within the scope of employment.

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