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Lawyer Advertising

In Nevada, any lawyer that advertises must file ALL non-exempt advertisements pursuant to the requirements of NRPC 7.2A. All advertisements, whether exempt or non-exempt, can be subject to review and must be in compliance with the rules for lawyer advertising in Nevada, specifically Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct 7.1 thru 7.5 and Supreme Court Rule 106. Furthermore, it is strongly encouraged for you to review the Interpretive Guidelines.   
Exempt advertisements include websites, tombstone advertisements, previously filed advertisements, or derivatives of an advertisment (as long as the advertisement is taken verbatim from a previously approved version of the ad and adds no new substantive changes to the content of the advertisement).  If there should be any uncertainties if an advertisement is exempt from filing, it is best to submit the advertisement to be determined if it is in fact exempt.
Please note that if you are trying to advertise in Nevada Lawyer magazine, you will need to visit the Nevada Lawyer page.  You may also contact the State Bar of Nevada and ask for a member from the Publications Department for inquiries relating to Nevada Lawyer magazine.

How to File under NRPC 7.2A

Fill out the mandatory filing form within 15 days of first dissemination and submit it along with one copy of the actual advertisement. The mandatory form must be signed by the attorney who is responsible for the content of the advertisement. You may file your advertisements in either paper or electronic format.  For the purposes of these rules, electronic format is defined as playable and transmittable on a computer.  Please keep in mind the following points:
  • If you are submitting more than one advertisement, please provide a separate filing form for each advertisement.
  • If the advertisement is a recording, a transcript must accompany the filing form, as well as a copy of the recording that can be saved permanently to the State Bar’s database. Acceptable formats include DVDs/CD, any commonly-used media file. If you are unsure, please contact the Administrator.  
  • Any non-English advertisement must be accompanied with a complete and accurate English translation.  Please note that this means that the Administrator must receive copies of the advertisement in both the non-English transcript and the English translation.
  • If e-mailing, a scanned copy of the form, a print of the advertisement (or audio script if applicable) and copy of recording in any commonly used media player format will suffice.
  • Any communications that are mailed to prospective clients must be accompanied with the actual envelope (in color).
  • If mailing your advertisements, please send your completed filing form(s) and attachment(s) to the Advertising Administrator.  Please submit only one copy of the recorded advertisement in either DVD or CD format and a copy of the audio script which can also be included on a disc (as long as it can be saved/printed). No VHS tapes will be accepted.
  • Once your advertisement is submitted, you should receive an acknowledgement email from the administrator. 
PLEASE NOTE: You will not get a response unless your advertisement is referred to Bar Counsel for a potential violation. However, lack of a communication from the Advertsing Advisory Committee or the State Bar regarding your advertisement filed under RPC 7.2A is in no way to be inferred as an approval. If your avertisement is referred to Bar Counsel for review, and any potential violations are found, you will be given notice, an opportunity to respond and a chance to rectify the issue.
For questions regarding instructions and information on the filing process and/or submitting your mandatory filing forms, please contact:
Theresa Freeman, Program Manager
State Bar of Nevada
600 East Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Telephone: (702) 382-2200

Advanced (pre-dissemination) Advisory Opinion Request under NRPC 7.2B (voluntary)

If you wish to obtain an advanced opinion regarding your advertisement's compliance, you may submit a request under RPC 7.2B  by filing an advanced opinion request form, along with the appropriate fee (see below).  The advertisement will be submitted for review to the respective District and an opinion will be issued within thirty (30) days.  An advanced opinion of compliance is binding on all discipline panels, so long as all information provided to secure that opinion is true and not misleading.

Fees for Advance Opinions

Below is a fee schedule for a voluntary written opinion under this section but the filing process is the same (submit form, fee, and attachments to the administrator).
The following non-refundable fees shall apply to requests for Advance (pre-dissemination) Advisory Opinions under RPC 7.2B and ACR 7:
(a) Billboards $250
(b) Radio or Television Spots $250
(c) Telephone Directory Yellow Page $250
(d) Written Solicitations $250
As described in RPC 7.3, including but not limited to flyers, inserts, newspapers, pamphlets, and postcards. For the purpose of this subsection, business cards that have information beyond the tombstone exceptions defined in subsection (b) shall be considered a written solicitation.
(e)    media campaigns [See ACR 2(l)]            $3,000                       
In addition to written materials, marketing executives and the advertising lawyer shall be provided the opportunity to make oral presentation to the Committee.    
With the exception of (1) media campaigns and (2) the exemptions, a separate fee will be assessed for each advertisement for which an Advance Opinion is requested under RPC 7.2B. For expidited Advanced Advisory Opinion requests, an additional $250 fee will be assessed.


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