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Office Of Bar Counsel Contacts

To directly dial any member of the Office of Bar Counsel / Discipline Staff, dial (702) 317-1xxx and replace the xxx with the desired extension. 

Office of Bar Counsel / Discipline

Ext #  


David Clark, Bar Counsel



Glenn Machado, Assistant Bar Counsel



Phil Pattee, Assistant Bar Counsel



Janeen Isaacson, Assistant Bar Counsel



Patrick King, Assistant Bar Counsel - Reno    

Dawn Reid, Legal Staff Coordinator/Paralegal Investigator


Tiffany Bradley, Paralegal Investigator

Kristina Marzec, Paralegal Investigator    

Laura Peters, Paralegal Investigator - Reno


Luisa Cota, Advertising Administrator/Intake Legal Assistant


Yolanda Michael, Departmental Secretary



Candy Ayala, Administrative Assistant

Rose Cota, Administrative Assistant

Discipline Fax: 702-382-8747