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Lawyer Assistance Contacts

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We May Be Able to Help

The State Bar of Nevada has two confidential programs for attorneys suffering from abuse, addiction and/or mental health issues that affect professional competence. If you are an attorney seeking help - or know of an attorney who may need assistance - please contact the program that may be able to help.

Dr. Peter Mansky
(702) 257.6727
  • Headed by an addiction medicine physician who can address abuse, addiction and mental health issues
  • Separate office from the State Bar of Nevada
  • Initial clinical assessment provided at no charge
  • Ongoing lawyers-only group meetings for recovery maintenance
  • Formalized monitoring and reporting available upon request

Mitch Cobeaga
(702) 889.9404
  • Peer-to-peer network
  • Support group meetings in discreet locations
  • Referrals to treatment and recovery centers
  • Closed door AA meetings in Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City
  • No records kept

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