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Lawyer Advertising North/South

Lawyer Advertising Committees: North/South

The Lawyer Advertising Committees include 11 members in the north and 17 members in the south, plus two liaisons from the Board of Governors. The Committees meet once per month to review all attorney advertisements submitted pursuant to RPC 7.2A. The Committee may also render advance advisory opinions pursuant to 7.2B upon request. 

  •     Terms: two-year terms, lifetime term limit 12 years
  •     Staff Liaison: Theresa Freeman

    • Northern Committee Members
      • Dane Anderson

      • James I. Barnes, III (Chair)

      • Walter Fey

      • Adam Hosmer-Henner

      • Alicia Johnson

      • Linda J. Linton, Esq.

      • Laury Macauley

      • Carrie Parker

      • Bryce L. Rader

      • Hal Taylor

      • Sheila Van Duyne


    • Southern Committee Members

      • Justin Alper

      • Bennair R. Bateman

      • Mark Coburn

      • Chet Glover

      • Shoshana Kunin-Leavitt

      • Michael Lowry (Chair)

      • Farhan Naqvi

      • Taylor Randolph

      • Dirk Ravenholt

      • Eduardo San Miguel

      • Adam Stokes

      • William D. Schuller

      • Walter Sullivan

      • Joseph Wirth

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