2019 Reciprocity Survey Results

The State Bar of Nevada’s Board of Governors surveyed 11,806 Nevada attorneys regarding their views on reciprocity. The results to survey questions were split. For example, when asked “Generally, are you in favor of reciprocity in Nevada?”  40.97 percent of respondents answered “Yes,” 36.85 percent answered “No,” and 22.18 responded “maybe.” The complete survey result report is available for download. It provides additional detail, breaking down responses by district, age, practice setting and more.

The survey was sent to attorneys with active, active exempt and inactive licenses on June 2, 2019. The survey closed on June 21, 2019. Responses were recorded from 3,191 attorneys – or 27 percent of those surveyed.

A second survey was sent to all attorneys admitted to practice under a limited practice certification (235). Responses were received from 110 of those surveyed. Survey responses pertaining specifically to those practicing under a limited practice certification are also noted in the report; however, the data for the two surveys remains separate.

Survey respondents were also provided the opportunity to leave comments related to several survey questions. The comments are also available for download.