The State Bar Board of Governors mandates all vacancies on state bar committees must be announced in Nevada Lawyer and on to allow for maximum participation by its members.

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Board of Bar Examiners:

The Board of Bar Examiners writes and grades the bar examination questions and oversees the administration of the two bar examinations. The board works closely with the Supreme Court and the Board of Governors in formulating rules and procedures for admission to the State Bar of Nevada.

Character and Fitness Committees – Northern and Southern Nevada:

The Character and Fitness Committees conduct investigations and hold informal and formal hearings with respect to bar applicants’ character and fitness. The committees must determine whether or not an applicant has the requisite character and fitness to be recommended for admission to the bar.

Clients’ Security Fund Committee:

The State Bar of Nevada’s Clients’ Security Fund (CSF) Committee seeks attorney members in Nevada. The CSF makes financial resources available to reimburse clients who fall victim to attorney theft. Committee members are volunteers appointed to three-year terms, subject to reappointment for a maximum of 9 years.


Each attorney committee member investigates approximately 10 to 15 claims filed with the CSF each year. All committee members will: analyze claims to determine whether or not attorney fees were earned and/or if attorney theft occurred; evaluate the ongoing financial condition of the CSF; and, approve or deny reimbursement requests accordingly. The expected time commitment of each committee member is approximately 20 hours annually, plus two half-day meetings each year.

Desired Qualifications

Since typical CSF claims involve issues of bankruptcy, family/domestic, probate/estate, personal injury settlements and home loan modifications, experience in those areas of law is helpful.

Fee Dispute Arbitration Committee:

The Fee Dispute Arbitration Committee resolves disputes of legal fees and costs (min. $250) between clients and attorneys through mediation or arbitration (binding if parties agree to be bound) (per SCR 86(12)).

Lawyer Advertising Advisory Committees – Northern and Southern Nevada:

The State Bar of Nevada seeks members in Nevada with diverse backgrounds in ALL areas of law to fill vacancies for volunteer appointments to both the Northern and Southern Lawyer Advertising Advisory Committees. Committee members are appointed to two-year terms, subject to reappointment for a maximum of 12 years.


Committee members meet once per month (either in-person or via E-meetings) to review attorney advertisements submitted pursuant to bar regulations, and renders advance advisory opinions upon request.

Desired Qualifications

Because half of the review and communication will be online or via email, the best candidates should be proficient with computers, e-mail, and Internet use.

Lawyer Referral Committee:

The Lawyer Referral Committee meets quarterly to review panel requirements and Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) member applications.


Members must participate in regularly scheduled meetings and help enhance the LRIS service at the State Bar of Nevada, as well as participate in the State Bar of Nevada Public Service Grant Program. There is an estimated time commitment of 10 hours per year.

 Standing Committee on Transitioning Into Practice (TIP):

The State Bar of Nevada seeks knowledgeable members in Nevada to fill volunteer appointments with the Transitioning Into Practice (TIP) Standing Committee. Committee members are appointed to two-year terms, subject to reappointment for a maximum of 9 years.


The TIP Standing Committee actively vets qualified mentors for the program, approves requests for program deferrals and supports the TIP program with their attendance at events like the TIP Kickoff in Las Vegas and Reno. Committee members also conduct periodic meetings to review the program and make recommendations for future change.

Desired Qualifications

Qualified candidates should be licensed in Nevada for a minimum of 7 years and have no disciplinary history for the past 10 years.


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