The State Bar Board of Governors considers committee appointments during its regularly scheduled board meetings.

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ABA House of Delegates Representative

The control and administration of the American Bar Association (ABA) is vested in the House of Delegates, the policy-making body of the association. The House meets twice each year, at the ABA Annual and Midyear Meetings.  The State Bar of Nevada has three delegates that represent the state in the ABA House of Delegates. The Board of Governors appoints two of the delegates.

The board is seeking to appoint a current Nevada member of the ABA to fill one of these slots to serve a two-year term beginning at the conclusion of the ABA Annual Meeting in August 2018. Interested applicants should complete an online application form available through the link above. Please indicate your past experience and involvement in the ABA; successful candidates will have familiarity with ABA processes and the House of Delegates. Direct questions to

Board of Bar Examiners

The Board of Bar Examiners writes and grades the bar examination and oversees the administration of the two bar examinations. Interested applicants need to be aware of the significant time commitment involved with serving on the Board of Bar Examiners.

Members of the committee are appointed for a three-year term, subject to reappointment. Applicants must demonstrate scholarly attainments and an affirmative interest in legal education requirements and the requirements for admission to the bar.  Questions may be submitted to

Continuing Legal Education Committee

The Continuing Legal Education Committee is comprised of volunteer member attorneys who utilize their knowledge of the profession and the legal community to develop long-term strategic goals and plans to meet the educational needs of bar members; direct a core curriculum of programs; and direct the development of new and alternative program delivery methods. Ideal candidates will have experience in delivering and/or developing educational programs, and understand the nuances of Nevada law.

There are currently eight vacant positions on the CLE Committee. Members of the committee are appointed for three-year terms, subject to reappointment. Direct questions to

Disciplinary Boards: Northern and Southern

The Southern and Northern Nevada Disciplinary Boards, which include both attorneys and laypersons, are responsible for conducting screenings and hearings concerning attorney discipline. Panel members sit as jurors and hear the presentation of discipline cases where there are allegations of professional misconduct.

Members of the committee can expect to commit approximately 20 hours annually to Disciplinary Board Committee duties, in addition to any annual training/CLE provided by the state bar. Screenings are held quarterly in Reno and twice a month in Las Vegas, (on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 3 p.m.) and typically take about one hour. Disciplinary Hearings can take two hours for uncontested hearings and four hours to three days for contested hearings. The Office of Bar Counsel averages between 3-6 hearings per month.

Members of the committee members are appointed to three-year terms, with a term limit of 12 years. Ideal candidates will be lawyers in good standing and have demonstrated  knowledge of the rules of professional conduct.  Direct questions to

Fee Dispute

The Fee Dispute Arbitration Committee is comprised of volunteer attorneys and public members who resolve fee disputes between lawyers and clients through mediation and arbitration. Committee members are tasked with resolving disputes individually, or as part of an arbitration panel for claims of $10,000 or more. Claim materials are provided securely online, and committee members interact directly with the parties to establish hearing dates and times. Committee members are assigned an average of three claims per year; training is available for those seeking to gain experience.

Members of the committee are appointed for a three-year term, subject to reappointment. Ideal candidates will have computer proficiency and have diverse backgrounds in more than one area of law. Questions may be submitted to

Moral Character and Fitness Committee

The Moral Character and Fitness Committee conducts investigations and holds informal and formal hearings to determine if an applicant for admission to the bar has the requisite moral character and fitness to practice law in the State of Nevada.  Two separate panels are appointed for the North and South.

Members of the committee are appointed for a three-year term, subject to reappointment.  Candidates need some flexibility with schedules particularly in early May and October.  Questions may be submitted to

Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board

Attorneys with backgrounds in all areas of law and a familiarity with publishing are sought to fill vacancies on the Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board. The Nevada Lawyer Editorial Board is responsible for overseeing the editorial content in Nevada Lawyer magazine. Board members rotate monthly issue editor duties; during the assigned month, the editor solicits, collects, reviews, edits and approves feature stories and cover art. Board members meet monthly via teleconference and twice annually in person in August and March for a full day.

The ideal committee member will be familiar with the publishing process, including lead times, deadlines, proofreading processes and Associated Press (AP) style. Ideal applicants will have previously authored articles for use in a printed publication. Committee terms are three years with no term limits. Direct questions to Jennifer Smith-Pulsipher at

We the People Committee

The We the People Committee is comprised of volunteer attorneys and public members who administer the regional and statewide We the People competitions. Committee members guidance to the state bar regarding the operation of these competitions; recruitment of judges and making recommendations for improvement. Committee members meet at least once annually and are expected to participate in the district (regional) level in December and statewide level in February of each year.

Members of the Committee are appointed for a two-year term, subject to reappointment. Ideal candidates will have an understanding of the We the People program or other law related education initiatives. Questions may be submitted to Lisa Dreitzer at

High School Mock Trial Committee

The High School Mock Trial Committee consists of volunteer attorneys, educators and public members who oversee the operations of Nevada’s high school mock trial regional and state competitions, including setting competition rules, administering annual competitions, and working with state bar staff to recruit volunteers who will serve as judges and room liaisons. Committee members meet at least twice annually and must be available for competitions taking place in February and March.

Committee members are appointed for a two-year term, subject to reappointment. Ideal candidates will have prior involvement with the bar’s high school Mock Trial program or similar programs offered at the collegiate level.  Questions may be submitted to Lisa Dreitzer at