Lawyer Referral Committee

The Lawyer Referral Committee, which includes nine members plus two liaisons from the Board of Governors, assists the public by providing a way in which a person may be referred to a qualified attorney. The committee also reviews, on an annual basis, grant applications for the state bar and Lawyer Referral Public Service Grants Program.

  • Terms: three-year term, no term limit
  • Staff Liaison: Robert Horne,
  • Board of Governors Liaison: Terry Coffing,
  • Committee Officers:
    • Chair: Melissa Ingleby, term expires June 2019
  • Committee Members:
    • Michelle Hauser, term expires June 2021
    • M. Nelson Segel, term expires June 2021
    • Gary Zernich, term expires June 2021
    • Russell Christian, term expires June 2019
    • Jimmy Howard, term expires June 2020
    • Michael Aisen, term expires June 2019
    • Arun Gupta, term expires June 2019