We the People Committee

The We the People Committee, which includes 9 members, provides direction for and oversees the operations of the Nevada high school We the People program.

  • Terms: two-year term, eight year term limit
  • Staff Liaison: Lisa Dreitzer, lisad@nvbar.org
  • Board of Governors Liaison: Eric Dobberstein
  • Committee Members: 
Hon. Elissa Cadish, Co-Chair; Term Expires 2018
Marc Picker, Co-Chair; Term Expires 2018
Jennifer Arledge; Term Expires 2018
Lyn Beggs; Term Expires 2018
Dixie Grossman; Term Expires 2019
Adele Karoum; Term Expires 2019
Judy Prutzman; Term Expires 2019
Kevin Speed; Term Expires 2019
Hon. Alan Tiras; Term Expires 2019