Chief Justice Michael A. Cherry reported the State of Judiciary to a joint session of the 2017 Nevada Legislature last night in Carson City.

Chief Justice Cherry told legislators “the State of Nevada Judiciary is strong, professional, and independent.”

The full video of the speech can be seen on the Nevada Legislature website.

Cherry detailed how the Nevada Judiciary provides access to justice and resolution for Nevada citizens. He outlined successes of the judiciary in solving problems by listening.

“Listening to concerns and suggestions has led to many improvements in the judiciary statewide,” Cherry said. “We have to listen and lead: Nevada’s courts see all of society’s ills and problems. Not only do we provide resolution to criminal, civil, family and juvenile matters. We also aid people with substance abuse, mental health issues, housing foreclosures, and family crises. The Nevada Judiciary is on the front lines directly serving Nevadans.”

Cherry said the Nevada Court of Appeals, created by an amendment to the Nevada Constitution in 2014, has assisted in reducing the pending caseload of the Nevada appellate courts. Combined, Nevada’s appellate courts were able to decrease the pending appellate caseload by 12 percent in 2016 and an overall 18 percent decrease from two years ago.