To directly dial any member of the Administration staff, dial (702) 317-1xxx replacing the xxx with the specific extension desired.


Kimberly Farmer, Executive Director
Ext. 400  I

Lisa Dreitzer, Deputy Executive Director
Ext. 448  I
Gale Skala, Administrative Manager
Ext. 431  I
Vanessa Dalton, Receptionist
Ext. 410  I
Vicki Hetherington, Office Assistant, Reno
Ext. 458  I
Suzy Moore, Operations Assistant
Ext. 443  I
Jim Shilander, Communications Coordinator
Ext. 415  I

Law Related Education

Kathleen Dickinson, Law Related Education State Coordinator
Ext. 408  I

Member Services

Mary Jorgensen, Member Services Manager
Ext. 424  I
Stephanie White, Member Services Administrator
Ext. 457  I
Andrew Lyke, Member Services Administrator
Ext. 430 I
Las Vegas Telephone: 702-382-2200
Reno Telephone: 775-329-4100
Las Vegas Administration Fax: 702-385-2878
Reno Fax: 775-329-0522