State Bar members may have received an email indicating that dues have not been paid. This email is not coming from the bar and is an attempt to phish members. Bar staff has not sent out any email of this type. Delete it immediately.

The email includes the following text: “Dear Member: Our records indicate that your membership dues are past due. Your priviliges as a member of The State Bar of Nevada will be terminated if payment is not received by the final due date. You can download a copy of your invoice at the secure link below.”

Do not click on this link or download anything from this email.

Phish or fraudulent emails may contain links to phony websites and may request you to share personal or financial information by using variety of techniques. There may be clues. In this case, the email is signed by Laurence Digesti of the Florida Bar Association.

Members of the Florida Bar have recently received a similar phishing email. That email included “Ransomware,” which holds users data hostage for a fee.