Announcement for the August 2020 Bar Exam

The August 2020 Nevada Bar Examination (formerly the July exam) will be held on August 11-12, 2020. Circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have forced the Nevada Supreme Court to adopt modifications to the bar exam format. Complete details are available on the Bar Exam page.

Significant modifications include the ability to take the exam remotely by computer, use of open book, and elimination of the Multistate Bar Examination. The exam will consist of 8 one-hour essays and a performance test written by the Board of Bar Examiners.

Applicants wishing to handwrite the exam, lack the technical resources required to test remotely, or require testing accommodations that cannot be supported remotely will be allowed to test in person. The in-person examination will be conducted in Las Vegas only, at a location that will be determined. Updates will be provided as necessary to respond to the changing circumstances. Your continued patience and cooperation are appreciated.

Applicants that do not wish to test under the requirements and procedures adopted for the August 2020 Bar Exam will be permitted to withdraw from this exam. Applicants will be permitted to sit for any one of the next two exams, without the payment of any additional application fees, or receive a refund. Applicants must withdraw on or before August 7, 2020, to receive a refund or deferral of funds to another exam.

The February 2021 Bar Exam application will be available online beginning August 15, 2020, at 5 p.m. PT. The first deadline is October 1, 2020, and the final deadline is December 1, 2020.

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