Admissions Online Application, Fees and Deadlines:

The State Bar of Nevada offers an Online Application for Admission for applicants to register for the bar exam.  All applicants must register using the FluidReview online application system.  Applicants will register for an account, complete the bar application and pay all required fees online.  For instructions on how to complete the online bar application, please view the Online Application Information Form

NOTE: After the submission of your online bar application and fees, all other documents must be mailed to the Admissions Department.  Applicants will not upload documents to the online application.  Please review the Notice to February 2019 Nevada Bar Applicants.

To register for the Nevada Bar Exam, please use the Online Application for Admission.

For technical support issues regarding your online application please contact the FluidReview Technical Support at

Application Information:

July 2019 Exam Deadlines:

  • Application Goes On-line on 12/15/18
  • First Deadline (No Late Fee Imposed) – Through 03/01/19
  • Second Deadline (Late Fee Imposed) – Through 05/01/19
  • No Applications Accepted After 05/01/19. No Exceptions!

Please note: Application packages from prior examinations may not be utilized. Application forms submitted from previous administrations of the examination shall be rejected in accordance with SCR 52(1)(a). Resubmission following a rejected application shall be subject to such late fees as are set out in SCR 54(5).


Submitted by 03/01/19
or earlier*
Submitted between 03/02/19
and 05/01/19*
Student: $755 
(includes $675 base fee, $55 C&F fee, and $25 license fee)
(includes $675 base fee, $55 C&F fee, $550 late fee and $25 license fee)
Attorney: $1,055
(includes $975 base fee, $55 C&F fee, and $25 license fee)
(includes $975 base fee, $55 C&F fee, $550 late fee and $25 license fee)

*Note:  There is an additional fee of $150 if you use a laptop computer.   ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.