Mock Trial Q&A


Q:  May students present copies of the exhibits to the “jury” (i.e., the scoring judges) if they are clean copies and not in a binder?

A: Yes.  Competition Rule 18 allows students to provide the individual unmodified exhibits to the jury.

Q: Is the date on Exhibit 9 intentionally written as the 25th of June instead of June 27?

A: This is a typographical error.  Accordingly, Exhibit 9 is amended as follows:

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Dates: 25 June 2015 27 June 2015

Q: Quinn Penner appears to state that Orson Hayes was arrested but does not say, “I arrested Orson Hayes.” However, Sam Maddox says Quinn was the arresting officer.

A: Quinn Penner may testify that he/she arrested Orson Hayes.

Q: Line 38 of Lee Hayes’ Affidavit states that Orson Hayes addressed Lee Hayes as “college boy.”

A: Line 38 of Lee Hayes’ Affidavit is amended by replacing “boy” with “genius” to preserve the gender neutrality of all witnesses.