Mock Trial Case Q&A

Q:    The Case Problem uses the terms “stun gun” and “taser” interchangeably in referring to the weapon that Lindsay Palmer used on Avery Leon.  Additionally, Exhibit 3 is labeled “Stun Gun” but depicts a taser.  Can you please clarify whether Lindsay Palmer used a stun gun or a taser?

A:     Officer Palmer used a taser on Avery Leon. All references to “stun gun” throughout the Problem are deemed to mean “taser.”

Q:    Do the Green Line train doors open on the North side at the Ramona Street C-Rail Stop?

A:     Yes.

Q:    Is the “double R” team logo on the other side of the red t-shirt pictured in Exhibit 2?

A:     Yes.

Q:    Did Cary Donatella plead nolo contendere to theft before accepting the plea bargain?

A:     Yes.

Mock Trial Competition Rule Q&A

Q:    May coaches review the score record cards and be present in the Tab Room to observe the power matching/bracketing as it takes place?

A:     Competition Rule 1.5 specifies that the Tab Room will remain closed during tabulation of scores, which includes the determination of power matching.  Coaches may review the score record cards after the Competition has concluded.

Q:     Do the scoring judges have discretion to deduct points as a penalty if a team goes over the allotted time outlined in Competition Rule 4.5?

 A:     Under former Competition Rule 4.7, a mandatory deduction of points was required in an amount dependent upon exactly how much additional time was used beyond the specified limit for a particular category.  Because of frequent disputes between timekeepers on the precise accuracy of the elapsed time, Rules 4.6 and 4.7 were modified.

Under the current Rule 4.7, scoring judges may give a lower score in a category due to overruns–i.e., if the time used in a category exceeds the team’s allotted time without permission from the presiding judge.  Consequently, teams should ensure, as always, that their presentations are completed within the time specified for each category in Rule 4.5. There is no provision for assessing a specific penalty.

Q:    Competition Rule 4.11 specifies that teams may not modify exhibits before trial.  To protect the exhibits during trial, can teams place them into plastic sleeves?

A:     Teams are permitted to place the exhibits into plastic sleeves.

Q:    Can the witness affidavits be utilized as evidentiary exhibits?

A:     No.

Q:     Can a witness be impeached with their own affidavit?

A:     Yes.

Q:     May teams present the exhibits to the judge and/or scoring panel?

 A:     Please see Competition Rule 4.11.