The state bar opened a discipline matter (OBC16-1504) against attorney Robert Graham/Lawyers West. Clients of Robert Graham should complete this form and send it via email to the Office of Bar Counsel at If you do not have the ability to email documents to us, you can print and mail copies to the State Bar of Nevada, Office of Bar Counsel, 3100 W. Charleston, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89102. Any additional information you can provide to us regarding your case is welcome.

Attorney Robert Graham abruptly shut down his Las Vegas practice December 2, leaving his employees without jobs and abandoning more than a hundred client files. The state bar was made aware of Mr. Graham’s actions on or about December 2, and took immediate action to protect the public by filing an Emergency Petition for Temporary Suspension which was granted by the Nevada Supreme Court on December 9. The state bar is moving forward with disciplinary action against Mr. Graham who retained an attorney to represent him in the proceeding.

In order to further protect the interests of Graham’s clients, attorneys Jasen E. and Brandi K. Cassady of the Cassady Law Office were appointed by the Eighth Judicial District Court to assume control of the law practice and files of Mr. Graham. They are handling these cases on a pro bono basis and in the process of contacting Graham’s clients.

The legal community has stepped up to assist any clients potentially affected by the actions of Robert Graham. The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is ready to assist if there are clients who are in need of an attorney to handle client legal issues left by Mr. Graham; they are willing to try to locate pro bono attorneys for them. Attorneys in the State Bar’s Probate and Trust Section are stepping in to assist clients on a pro bono basis as well. In addition, the State Bar’s Client Security Fund was established as a fund of last resort to compensate victims of lawyer theft, in instances where there is an attorney/client relationship. Claims may be filed with Clients’ Security Fund at State Bar Website.