The State Bar of Nevada’s Fee Dispute Arbitration Program is an informal, free program designed to resolve fee disputes of $250 or more between attorneys and their clients. Fee Dispute Committee members volunteer as impartial arbitrators and determine what the reasonable fees should be for the legal services performed. Absent consent from both parties or a contractual obligation for binding arbitration, all matters are first assigned to a mediator to help resolve the dispute. If mediation fails, and both parties consent to binding arbitration, the parties have the option of moving forward with arbitration.

If you are the party filing a fee dispute application, you are the Petitioner. If you are the party responding to the fee dispute, you are the Respondent. For more information on the Fee Dispute Arbitration Program and how to file a fee dispute application click on the links provided on the expanded menu to the right.


Steps for Fee Dispute Arbitration

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Respond to a Fee Dispute

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