About the Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS):

The Lawyer Referral and Information Service is a free public service of the State Bar of Nevada. It's an outstanding resource when you're looking for an attorney but don't know who to call. Each year LRIS refers over 15,000 people to panel attorneys.

If you need legal help, you’ll be referred to an appropriate Nevada attorney. Over 300 lawyers participate in the LRIS program, offering their services in 22 broad areas of law and 170 subcategories. To participate in LRIS, attorneys must be active members of the State Bar of Nevada, in good standing, and have liability insurance.

LRIS attorneys agree  to charge LRIS clients no more than $45 for an initial consultation. If retained, they will negotiate their fees directly with you.

The state bar also offers a series of 13 free brochures, most of which are available in English and Spanish. They are designed to help the public answer the most common legal questions related to subjects like bankruptcy, divorce, DUI, real estate law, consumer law, personal injury, civil rights law and other subjects. The brochures are available at various public service agencies, Nevada courthouses and at the State Bar's offices in Las Vegas and Reno.

Frequently Asked Questions