**NEW FOR 2018**


Annual SBN & MCLE Fees Simplified.

Beginning with the 2018 CLE and license renewal cycle, attorneys will take one less step to comply with annual license fees paid to the State Bar of Nevada and the Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education (CLE Board). When submitting online annual license fee payments and mandatory disclosures to the state bar, attorneys will also submit their annual $40 CLE Board fee to the state bar. This combined fee collection is expected to simplify the process attorneys must follow in order to remain in good standing with both boards and reduce confusion that can lead to noncompliance with Supreme Court Rules 98 and 210.

The CLE Board annual fee will be automatically appended to the attorney’s annual fee statement and remitted back to the CLE Board. While the total amount paid to the state bar may appear higher due to the added CLE Board fee, the annual fees paid pursuant to SCR 98 will remain the same.

Attorneys are still required to remit CLE certificates of completion directly to the CLE Board. Please check your myNVCLE account at www.nvcleboard.org to ensure that you are in compliance prior to the December 31, 2017 deadline.

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