The State Bar of Nevada’s 2019 Annual Meeting will be in Vail, Colorado. If you would like to join us as a featured presenter, we are soliciting proposals for general and breakout session topics that focus on the conference theme – The Great Debate. State bar sections and other interested parties are invited to submit their proposals for speakers/topics no later than January 15, 2019 using the form provided below.

General session and breakout session speakers will be asked to frame their presentations to align with The Great Debate theme, either through a traditional debate style or in a way that poses a question – and through the presentation, explore the issue further.


  1. Sessions are 60 minutes;
  2. The Annual Meeting Planning Committee will favor those proposals that: (a) Appeal to a broad audience and that are relevant to current events and/or court decisions, (b) include an ethics or substance abuse/mental health component; and (3) have topics not covered at a recent Annual Meeting.
  3. If submitting a proposal on behalf of a state bar section, reimbursement for travel, registration fees and ticketed events is at the discretion of the section leadership and may vary by section.
  4. All speakers must register for the Annual Meeting. The state bar offers a discount on registration fees for CLE session speakers (max 3 per session).

Questions? Contact us at


  • Please provide the name of the person State Bar staff can contact with questions and follow up regarding the proposed program.
  • Please provide the tentative program title; may be changed prior to the Annual Meeting.
    Please check which categories you anticipate the CLE course being approved.
  • Please provide a brief explanation of what topics will be covered during the CLE presentation, what listeners are expected to learn, etc.
  • Speakers: Please list which speakers your section anticipates inviting (limit 3). Please keep in mind that the section is responsible for travel expenses and all speakers must register for the Annual Meeting. Speakers are responsible for making their own travel arrangements and submitting expense receipts directly to the section.