To assist the public in learning about and obtaining legal services, lawyers make known their services not only through reputation, but also through organized information campaigns in the form of advertising.

The State Bar of Nevada has established a Lawyer Advertising Advisory Committee to review all lawyer advertising and ensure compliance with Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct 7.1 thru 7.5 and Supreme Court Rule 106. The Advertising Committee is comprised of northern and southern districts who meet monthly.

Lawyers are required to submit all advertisements to the Advertising Committee, with the exception of exempt advertisements identified in the Advertising Committee Rules of Procedure. The Advertising Committee has also made available its Interpretive Guidelines to assist lawyers in their compliance with these rules.

How to File Your Advertisement

Within 15 days of dissemination of an advertisement, attorneys must submit it for review by the Advertising Committee.

Although the Advertising Administrator will accept advertisements submitted by U.S. Mail, electronic submission to is preferred.

The filing format requirements are outlined in the Advertising Rules of Procedure. However, for ease of reference, they are also listed here:

  1. Each individual advertisement must be accompanied by the Mandatory Filing Form (if filing under NRPC 7.2A) or the Advance Advisory Opinion Request Form and fee (if filing under NRPC 7.2B). The mandatory filing form must be signed by the attorney who is responsible for the content of the advertisement.
  2. Advertisements filed under NRPC 7.2A must be submitted within 15 days of dissemination.
  3. All advertisements should be submitted via email in electronic format to the Advertising Administrator. Acceptable formats are: Adobe PDF, Microsoft WORD, Windows Media, etc.
  4. All print advertisements must be submitted in color. If the print advertisement is mailed to prospective clients, the filed submission should be accompanied by a copy of the front and back of the envelope in which it will be disseminated (in color).
  5. Any audio or video advertisement must be accompanied by a complete written transcript of the advertisement. Any non-English advertisement (audio, video or print) must also be accompanied by a complete English translation transcript.

Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from the Advertising Administrator. Unless a potential violation is found, this confirmation will serve as the final communication from the Advertising Committee. Potential violations are referred to the Office of Bar Counsel for investigation, at which time, you will be offered an opportunity to respond and a chance to rectify the issue.

For questions regarding instructions and information on the filing process and/or submitting your mandatory filing forms, please contact Theresa Freeman, Program Manager at or 702-382-2200.

Advanced (pre-dissemination) Advisory Opinion Request under NRPC 7.2B (voluntary)

If you wish to obtain an advanced opinion regarding your advertisement’s compliance, you may submit a request under RPC 7.2B  by filing an Advance Advisory Opinion Request Form, along with a non-refundable $250 fee. The advertisement will be submitted for review and an opinion will be issued within thirty (30) days.

An advanced opinion of compliance is binding on all discipline panels, so long as all information provided to secure that opinion is true and not misleading.

A lawyer may request an expedited Advanced Advisory Opinion for an additional $250 fee.

Advertising in Nevada Lawyer

For information about advertising in the Nevada Lawyer magazine, visit the Nevada Lawyer page.  You may also contact the State Bar of Nevada and ask for a member from the Publications Department for inquiries relating to Nevada Lawyer magazine.