Congratulations on successful completion of the Bar examination!

Welcome to the State Bar of Nevada. Your admission to the bar opens up a new realm of experiences – starting with Transitioning into Practice (TIP) – a mentor program for Nevada attorneys.

Lawyers newly admitted in the state of Nevada and having practiced five years or less must enroll in the required TIP program. Transitioning into Practice is a six-month mentoring program to introduce new lawyers to the high standards of integrity, professional conduct, professional competence and service to the public.

New lawyers will be paired with an attorney from the Supreme Court of Nevada Appointed Mentor List and together, they will be responsible for completing the mandatory and elective elements contained in the Model Mentor Plan. The new lawyer is responsible for tracking the date each section of the Plan is completed and the number of hours spent completing the section.


The steps for completing the TIP Program are as follows:

  1. Enroll in the upcoming TIP cycle by clicking here.
  2. Download the TIP Mentoring Plan and review the required and elective elements.
  3. Upon notice by the State Bar of Nevada of your assigned mentor, contact your mentor and set up a schedule for regular meetings.
  4. Track your progress toward completion of the Program manually on your TIP Mentoring Plan. When you are finished, enter your completed Plan online by clicking here. When your entries are submitted, you will be redirected to a short online Exit Evaluation that must be completed. The Mentoring Plan and Exit Evaluation must be submitted as verification you have completed the mandatory and elective Program elements.
  5. Upon completion of the Program, you must remit the Program fee ($350). To make payment click here.
  6. A report will be generated with the entries you made on your online tracking form and will be sent to your assigned mentor. Upon confirmation by the mentor and payment of your TIP fee, you will be issued a Completion Certification Letter. Congratulations!

Deferrals and Exemptions

The TIP program allows for limited deferrals or exemptions from the program (see below). If you qualify for a deferral or exemption, you may apply to the Standing Committee on Transitioning Into Practice by completing the form below. This form must be completed within four weeks of admission.

Deferral: Active members who are judicial law clerks or unemployed and not planning to practice law in Nevada may request deferral from TIP until they begin practicing, at which time they must enroll in the next available TIP cycle. If granted, deferment requests are honored in six month increments, with a maximum deferral period not to exceed two years from the date of initial deferral.


Exemption: Members are exempt from TIP if admitted to the practice of law as an active member in another jurisdiction for five years or more. Members are also exempt from TIP if residing and practicing outside the State of Nevada. If the attorney establishes a primary residence or principal office in Nevada within the first five years of admission, the attorney shall enroll in the next available TIP cycle. Members also are exempt from TIP while they are on inactive status. 


New Lawyer TIP Deferment-Exemption Form

    Note: If requesting deferment because of a clerkship, you must complete the next two related questions. If requesting an unemployment deferment, you must complete the third question below.
    Note: If you are requesting exemption because you practiced in another state for five years or more, you must complete the following related question.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.