Nevada Attorneys: New CLE Requirement, Deadline Dec. 31

Effective this year (2019), Nevada attorneys will be required to submit an Affirmation of Attendance and Compliance with Mandatory CLE Requirements with the Nevada Board of Continuing Legal Education.

The Affirmation of Attendance will include the name of each program the attorney attended; the program provider; date(s) attended; program format; and credits earned.

The Affirmation of Attendance will be completed online at the Nevada CLE Board’s website. Each attorney is responsible for verifying and, if necessary, correcting the information contained on the document, to include adding CLE programs the attorney completed, but which were not reported to the Nevada CLE Board by the provider.

The Affirmation of Attendance must be completed and submitted electronically on the Nevada CLE Board’s website by December 31, 2019. Failure to do so may result in late fees and administrative suspension from the practice of law.

The Nevada CLE Board’s website is currently under construction to implement these new CLE rules; please continue to monitor communications from the State Bar of Nevada and the Nevada CLE Board for updates.

All Nevada licensed attorneys are required to maintain for three years all certificates of attendance, program outlines, agendas, receipts and other evidence of attendance. These records are subject to random compliance audits conducted by the Nevada CLE Board pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 210.

For an up-to-date copy of Nevada Supreme Court Rules governing continuing legal education (unofficial), and CLE Board Regulations, visit: