The Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection sent Governor Brian Sandoval six names for consideration to fill two open judicial seats in the Eighth Judicial District Court.

The nominees were selected following interviews by the Commission April 12 – 13, 2017 in Las Vegas. The final selection of each judge will be made by Governor Sandoval.

The selected individuals will serve in Dept. 10, made vacant by the retirement of Judge Jessie Walsh, and in Dept. 18, made vacant by the retirement of Judge David Barker. The new judges will run for election in 2018 to serve the remaining two years of their term.

The Commission’s three nominees for Dept. 10, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Terrance Allen Coffing, 52, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Tierra Danielle Jones, 35, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Esther C. Rodriguez, 51, Las Vegas, attorney

The Commission’s three nominees for Dept. 18, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Soonhee Bailey, 46, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Mark B. Bailus, 64, Las Vegas, attorney
  • Jay P. Raman, 38, Las Vegas, attorney

A total of 16 attorneys submitted applications for the open judicial seats, 8 applications for Dept. 10, and 8 applications for Dept. 18. Only attorneys with 10 years of legal experience, two of those in Nevada, were eligible to apply.

In selecting the finalists, the Commission conducted background investigations and considered the applicants’ answers during the interview. Each applicant provided comprehensive applications about education, law practice, business involvement, community involvement, and professional and personal conduct. The Commission also considered letters of reference and public statements during the interview process.