State Bar of Nevada members may have received an email indicating that a complaint has been made against the firm. This email is not coming from the bar and is an attempt to phish members. The State Bar of Nevada has not sent out any email of this type. Delete it immediately.

The email includes directions to click on a link, which purports to be a copy of the complaint. Do not click this link, as it appears to be an attempt to put “ransomware” on the affected computer.

Phish or fraudulent emails may contain links to phony websites and may request you to share personal or financial information by using variety of techniques. There may be clues. In this case, the email is sent from or Instructions included in the email also note that “The State Bar of California cannot render legal advice nor can The State Bar of California represent individuals or intervene on their behalf in any civil or criminal manner.

California bar members have recently received similar emails.