The Supreme Court has determined that the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure and the associated district court and specialized rules should be reviewed and updated as appropriate. To that end, this court concludes that a committee should be appointed to consider these matters and to make such recommendations to this court as the committee deems appropriate.

Accordingly, the Supreme Court hereby appoints a committee consisting of the Honorable Mark Gibbons, Supreme Court Justice, and the Honorable Kristina Pickering, Supreme Court Justice, as cochairpersons of the committee and the following members: Wesley M. Ayres, Discovery Commissioner, George T. Bochanis, Attorney, Bonnie A. Bulla, Discovery Commissioner, the Honorable Elissa F. Cadish, District Judge, Robert L. Eisenberg, Attorney, Graham A. Galloway, Attorney, Thomas Main, Professor, Boyd School of Law School, Steve Morris, Attorney, Daniel F. Polsenberg, Attorney, Don Springmeyer, Attorney, and the Honorable Kimberly A. Wanker, District Judge.